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DiBooq is the first vacation rental network that establishes the vacation home owner as the single-source-of-truth for calendar status and accommodation details, connecting them with all their target audiences for guaranteed direct booking and highest data quality.

Software as a Service

Did you know that the calendar data provided for vacation properties is often not up-to-date because the owners are not sufficiently networked with all their target groups? Did you know that even reputable online travel agencies like Airbnb do not allow direct bookings for well over half of their listings for this reason? A single landlord may have a large number of connections and lines of communication with agencies, portals, family, friends and regular guests. These complex relationships, manual booking processes, and fragmented digital connectivity between the owner and their partners lead to a lack of trusted data sources as each marketer provides their own data (property details, images, amenities, calendar status, etc.). DiBooq aims to solve these problems by being the first company to introduce a single source of truth in the vacation rental industry. This is the only way to make nationwide direct booking possible. DiBooq achieves this by providing vacation property owners with an easy-to-use mobile app where they can manage their accommodations and calendar shares. As a result, each owner can build their own personal Vacation Rental Network of agencies, friends, family members and regular guests and connect with all audiences in real time. DiBooq's product suite consists of three interfaces: 1. DiBooq Owner App for accommodation management and calendar sharing. 2. DiBooq Family & Friends App for connecting friends, family members and regular guests. 3. DiBooq Booking Manager - the property management software for agencies and affiliates to directly connect and manage owner calendars.

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