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Disruptive Elements

Disruptive Elements GmbH is a Web3 digital agency and venture builder composed of innovators, developers, and project implementers. We assist decision-makers and companies in leading digital initiatives towards market-ready solutions by integrating (IT) methodologies and implementation expertise.

Consulting Software Development Data Insights

At Disruptive Elements, we curate highly specialized project teams through an extensive expert network spanning various IT domains. As strategic innovation catalysts and digital product developers, we focus on emerging technologies, driving user-centric innovation projects. With our unwavering passion for the latest technology trends and management methodologies, we enable ambitious companies to stay ahead of the curve, effectively embracing the challenges of digital transformation. **Excerpt from our customer portfolio with a focus on blockchain:** - Stahlo Stahlservice GmbH & Co.KG: Development of a CO2 tracking system for green steel supply chains. The blockchain-based platform ensures traceability and authenticity of green steel throughout the entire steel supply chain, from the steel mill to the end product. - Dibooq - The Vacation Rental Network: Development of a blockchain-based "notary layer" for the DiBooq platform. It is the first real-time occupancy calendar for vacation rentals, allowing agencies and property owners to have access to up-to-date calendar and booking data. - Smart Places: Conceptualization and development of the whitepaper for the startup Smart Places. Smart Places is a blockchain-based protocol and platform that incentivizes real-life social interactions. By introducing "Connect2Earn," users are rewarded for interacting with others within the ecosystem. Leveraging blockchain technology, data can be monetized in a decentralized zero-knowledge environment.

Camino is the travel industry blockchain. Fueled by the Camino token, it is offering a versatile network to expand current business models and to create new touristic products to delight travelers and business partners.