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Camino Network

Public Sale
CAM token sale live for early adopters

Seize your chance to join the web3 travel ecosystem prior to listing.

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170+ committed global travel brands and web3 startups
CAM token utility

CAM is the native token of Camino Network and plays an important role in driving the seamless operation and growth of the global web3 travel ecosystem. Legally classified as a hybrid token, CAM serves dual purposes as both a payment and utility token within the L1 for global travel.

Token roadmap
Q4 2022
Private pre-sale
Q1 2024
CAM Public sale
Token Listing
Public Sale
The minimum ticket size is 1,000 CHF. Purchased CAM tokens are locked for 1.5 years, with 1-year vesting starting after 1.5 years. Token holders receive a 3% reward per annum (non-compounding for 2 years) of unlocked tokens, which can be claimed at any time.
Price (Tranche #1)
CHF 0.150
Price (Tranche #2)
CHF 0.175
Price (Tranche #3)
CHF 0.200
75 000 000 CAM
3% p.a.
1.5 years
1 year
5-step process to get CAM tokens
Our rapidly expanding community, is backed by travel industry giants who are just beginning to unlock the vast potential of web3 technologies. Your opportunity to be part of this transformative network begins now!
Wallet Wizard
Create a wallet

The Wizard guides you through 3 steps starting with creating a Camino wallet.

Wallet Wizard
Enter details

Fill out the contact form and select a payment method.

Wallet Wizard
Get KYC-verified

Go through KYC by providing a proof of identification.

Send payment

You will receive an email with a payment request.

Receive tokens

The tokens will be transferred to your wallet within 3-10 business days of receipt of payment.

Thomas Stirnimann

Chairman of the Council

Camino Network Foundation

"At the Camino Network Foundation, we aim to equip travel companies of all sizes worldwide, from industry giants to local tour guides, with equal access to advanced digital technologies like peer-to-peer messaging, seamless connectivity, data encryption, cross-border transactions, micropayments, and many others. We are committed to turning a highly fragmented travel industry into a united, community-driven ecosystem powered by a shared technological foundation of Camino Network."

CAM Tokenomics
7%  Founders
70 000 000 CAM
7.5%  Team
75 000 000 CAM
2.5%  Advisors
25 000 000 CAM
4.3%  Seed Investment
43 000 000 CAM
5%  Pre-Sale
50 000 000 CAM
7.5%  IEO
75 000 000 CAM
20%  dApp Incentive Pool
200 000 000 CAM
5%  Marketing
50 000 000 CAM
7.5%  Public Sale
75 000 000 CAM
10%  Reward Pool
100 000 000 CAM
23.7%  Reserve
237 000 000 CAM
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a cliff?

Cliffs are known as the period of time that must pass before the release of the tokens begins. During this time, cryptocurrency tokens cannot be traded or transferred. The cliff period for the CAM public sale is 1.5 years. After the cliff period, the vesting period will start.

What is vesting?

Vesting is the distribution of tokens in portions over a predetermined period of time. For the CAM public sale, tokens will become available ("vest") over the course of 1 year after the 1.5 year lock-up period. This means that token holders will gradually gain the ability to use or sell CAM.

How many tokens will be distributed?

A total of CHF 75,000,000 will be distributed in three tranches in the public sale.

How can I buy CAM?

The process is outlined above and we will walk you through each step upon registration.

Registration: Start by registering using the contact form.

Wallet Wizard: After registering, you will be given access to a "Wallet Wizard". After accepting the T&C's, you will receive your key phrase, which you should store securely. To begin the process, you must verify that you have memorized your key phrase by filling in the blanks. You will be asked to enter basic information, including your name, address and e-mail, as well as the purchase amount and currency. A mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) verification via the provider Sumsub follows.

Send Payment & Receive Token: You will receive an email with payment instructions. Once payment is received, the tokens will be transferred to your wallet within 10 business days.

Please feel free to contact us at hello@camino.network.com if you have any questions or need assistance at any point in this process.

Is there a minimum ticket size?

Yes, the public sale is open for all ticket sizes above 1,000 CHF.

Who can participate?

The second sale will be the first public sale. However, there are international regulations or sanctions that restrict or prohibit persons resident in certain jurisdictions from participating in this sale. If you are in any doubt as to the legality of your participation in the sale, please seek professional advice. For information purposes, you may consult the list of countries that, at the time of publication, may participate in our project through the purchase and sale of Camino tokens.

Do I need KYC?

Yes, due to legal obligations you need to undergo a KYC verification which is fulfilled by SumSub. On Camino Network, KYC / KYB is also mandatory for validators and builders deploying smart contracts. The process requires proof of verification, such as your ID.

Do I get rewards?

Yes, you will receive 3% (non-compounding for 2 years). Rewards are unlocked and can be claimed at any time. You can claim your rewards in the "Earn" section of the Camino Wallet.

Can I pay with crypto?

Yes, you can also buy CAM token in crypto. Supported crypto currencies are USDT, USDC, ETH, BTC.

Can I pay with FIAT?

Yes, you can pay with FIAT. Supported currencies are EUR, CHF, USD, GBP.

What is "deposit start / end" shown in the Camino Wallet?

The "deposit start" and "deposit end" dates show the amount of time until all tokens are fully unlocked, which occurs after 2.5 years. Please note that linear vesting begins after 1.5 years.

Where will my tokens be sent?

Your tokens will be sent to the wallet you created using the wallet wizard. If you already have a Camino wallet and would like to have your tokens transferred to this address, please contact hello@camino.network.com.

When do I receive my tokens?

The tokens will be transferred to your wallet within 10 business days of signing the agreement and sending the payment.

What is CHF?

CHF is the abbreviation for the Swiss franc, which is the official currency of Switzerland.

Where can I find more info about the Camino Wallet?

The Camino Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. The Camino Network Foundation has no control over the passwords or the CAM tokens in the wallet. Please find the Terms of Use here.

Where can I find more information about the Foundation?

More information on the Camino Network Foundation can be found here.

Camino is the travel industry blockchain. Fueled by the Camino token, it is offering a versatile network to expand current business models and to create new touristic products to delight travelers and business partners.

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