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Camino Network

CAM public sale ->
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Camino Network

The L1 blockchain designed for the travel industry and fueled with CAM token.

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CAM Public Sale live

CAM is the native token of Camino Network and plays an important role in driving the seamless operation and growth of the global web3 travel ecosystem.

CAM public sale ->
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Jens Bischof

“Camino, as the first blockchain platform for travel, offers vast possibilities to enhance processes...”

Jens Bischof CEO Eurowings
Read more

"Blockchains have enormous potential to materially change our business model by making transactions along the value chain more secure, efficient and traceable. Camino, as the first blockchain platform for travel, offers vast possibilities to enhance processes, products and services in the travel industry. Eurowings will be one of the first movers, currently exploring first use cases in inflight shopping, customer loyalty, digital marketing and sales together with our partners Chain4Travel and Peakwork."

Jens Bischof
Jens Bischof
CEO Eurowings
Sebastian Ebel

“Similar to the internet in the 1990s, Blockchain could become a game changing technology in travel.”

Sebastian Ebel CEO TUI Group
Read more

"Similar to the internet in the 1990s, Blockchain could become a game changing technology in travel. Chain4Travel is well positioned to actively drive this change and is one of the most advanced innovation companies in this field."

Sebastian Ebel
Sebastian Ebel
Peter Stilwell

“The Camino Network will revolutionize the global travel industry by empowering both travel businesses...”

Peter Stilwell Head of Business Development EMEA Coinbase
Read more

"The Camino Network will revolutionize the global travel industry by empowering both travel businesses and travelers with the full potential of web3 technologies. This approach could also bring significant additional interest to the overall web3 space, as it demonstrates new, real-world use cases that go beyond financial services."

Peter Stilwell
Peter Stilwell
Head of Business Development EMEA Coinbase
One connector for all travel products — one credential for all product suppliers

Camino Messenger transforms B2B travel distribution with its efficient, fast, and cost-effective platform, enabling personalized offers at scale.

Your business, your network, shared growth

Camino Network is a distributed ledger, where consortium members navigate future developments, secure the network and support each other.

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Build for the next generation of travelers

Camino Network provides digital technologies and a collaborative environment for travel companies to explore new markets and build innovative products with web3 tools.

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An ecosystem for all

Camino Network is an inclusive ecosystem open to all. Learn, innovate, and build to enhance travel technologies for all.

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Camino is the travel industry blockchain. Fueled by the Camino token, it is offering a versatile network to expand current business models and to create new touristic products to delight travelers and business partners.

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