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Airport operations management software powered by Camino blockchain

Efficient airport turnaround operations with Groundsync.

Airport operations management software powered by Camino blockchain

Groundsync by 3LC is a platform designed to streamline airport turnaround processes. It is an integral layer built on top of Camino Network. This airport operations management software provides transparent, efficient, and real-time data aggregation for data-driven airport operations to make delay clearing more efficient. Groundsync offers a shared database with immutable data for all parties involved.

It can help the stakeholders eliminate costly SLA breaches, often leading to multimillion-dollar legal settlements due to ambiguity about delay responsibility. Clear communication, transparency, and trust can prevent delays and court disputes.

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Today, international airports are like beehives, with many things happening simultaneously: planes landing, taking off, passengers checking in, luggage being loaded, and so on. Sometimes, things can get chaotic, and delays happen. When something goes wrong, it can be hard to figure out what happened and why. That is what 3LC wants to change for the future.

GroundSync, as a web3-based airport operation management system, gathers all the different pieces of information and puts them together in one place so that every one authorized can see it. This way, if there is a problem, everyone can understand what is happening quickly and work together to fix it. Thus, Groundsync helps airlines stick to their schedules, which means fewer delays, happier travelers, well-delivered cargo, and less wasted time and money.

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Why building on Camino Network

Camino Network serves as a backbone for 3LC’s aviation ground handling efficiency solution, providing all the features a layer 1 blockchain has: transparency, security, and fast transactions. Moreover, unlike other blockchains, Camino Network has a fixed gas price, making on-chain transaction costs predictable and affordable.

Building a real-time turnaround coordination platform like Groundsync based on the technology of a distributed ledger supported by the travel community is important because it provides a single source of truth. Everyone, from pilots to baggage handlers, contributes to it and knows what is happening in real-time, making an airport a well-oiled and hyperefficient machine.

ProblemsSolution with 3LC's Groundsync

Inefficient ground handling, leading to delays and increased turnaround times.

Groundsync serves as a ground service operations tool that provides real-time data and improves turnaround efficiency.

Lack of transparency in operations causing mistrust and disputes over delays.

Groundsync is an airport operational transparency solution mitigating disputes with blockchain-verified data.

Resource mismanagement due to lack of accurate, real-time operational data.

Groundsync is a data aggregation platform for airport services, enabling optimal resource allocation.

High operational costs and process inefficiencies.

Groundsync as an airport ground services real-time tracking system reduces costs by automating operations and enabling data-driven decision-making.
Showcase of Triend Sync 02
Alvaro Moov

"We firmly believe that this concept is a game changer in how turnaround processes are perceived, offering both efficiency and cost-saving benefits.”

Captain Alvaro Nogueira de Oliveira

Founder and CEO Moov Airways AG

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Groundsync brings new opportunities for airport workflow systems and innovative flight turnaround management solutions powered by blockchain.

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