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Sleap.io revolutionizing personalized hotel bookings

Sleap.io is the crypto native booking platform that utilizes blockchain and AI technologies to enable personalized offers through seamless web3 connectivity, transforming hotel bookings with Camino Network technologies.

Sleap.io revolutionizing personalized hotel bookings

How web3 technologies solve challenges in travel

Sleap.io, launched on Camino Network, is the groundbreaking blockchain-based hotel booking platform that is set to revolutionize the way travelers book their next dream getaway with tailor-made bundles that match travel desires. The platform takes advantage of the web3 connectivity multiplied with AI search tools and blockchain data to create personalized offers delivered directly to crypto wallets.

Sleap.io leverages the connectivity and encrypted messaging systems provided by Camino Network to enable personalized offers for each traveler based on requests sent directly to accommodation providers.

When travelers enter their stay dates and required information, Sleap encrypts the request and sends it directly to hotels in the desired search area via Camino Network. In response, the traveler receives a curated selection of personalized offers. These offers can then be booked using either crypto or fiat payment, with the flexibility to choose from multiple crypto wallets compatible with the platform.


Why building a booking platform on blockchain

The decision to build Sleap on Camino Blockchain stems from several technical, strategic, and industry-specific reasons.

Travel-focused blockchain: One of the most important reasons is that Camino has a blockchain design that is specifically tailored to the travel industry. This specialization ensures that Sleap, benefits from functionalities that are customized to travel-related challenges and requirements.

Setting consistent standards: The modern travel industry involves multiple stakeholders - from booking agencies to hotel chains, from airlines to local guides. Standardized communication is essential for seamless operation. Camino's network enables the creation of messaging standards that can be universally adopted by different travel companies within the network. This uniformity ensures efficiency, reduces miscommunication, and improves the user experience.

In conclusion, building Sleap on Camino Blockchain is not just a technical decision, but a strategic one. It aligns Sleap with a forward-looking, collaborative, and standardizing vision for the travel industry in the web3 era. This partnership leverages both the advanced technologies available on the Camino Network, and the shared goal of reshaping the travel landscape for the better.

Problem to be solved

High fees

🚫 Problem: Traditional booking systems often involve multiple intermediaries, leading to high fees (15-30%) that hotels must pay. These costs are frequently passed on to consumers.

✅ Solution: By operating on a decentralized blockchain network, the platform can eliminate or reduce the need for intermediaries, thereby lowering fees for both hotels and travelers.

Lack of personalized products

🚫 Problem: Existing booking platforms often provide generic offers, lacking true personalization for travelers.

✅ Solution: Sleap is able to securely encrypt and directly send personalized requests to hotels to create more tailored offers.

Limited payment options

🚫 Problem: Traditional fiat systems may restrict payment options in the digital era, limiting travelers.

✅ Solution: By integrating multiple crypto wallets and supporting both crypto and fiat payments Sleap.io offers flexibility and choice of payment methods.

Micheal Ros

CEO / Co-founder of Sleap


"Imagine a world where your crypto wallet is your passport to a multitude of personalized hotel offers, sent to you as NFTs - that’s the vision we’re bringing to life with Sleap.io. We’ve designed our platform to not only harness the power of blockchain but also evolve dynamically to meet the needs and preferences of our users."

Get to know Sleap.io

Signing up with Sleap.io is a breeze! Simply log in with your crypto wallet, and you're ready to explore a world of personalized hotel offers. Unlike traditional booking platforms, Sleap.io treats you like the individual traveler you are, delivering offers that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

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