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Verified travel reviews powered by Camino Network

Triend introduces a web3 approach to reputation management through a widget for verified and authentic travel reviews. Enter the new era of feedback based on trust, transparency, and ownership.

Authentic Travel
Verified travel reviews powered by Camino Network

Triend’s dApp built on Camino Network

By adopting Camino Network's blockchain technology, Triend reshapes the travel review landscape, focusing exclusively on decentralizing aka verified feedback to foster trust, transparency, and ownership. By creating immutable records of reviews and transactions, Triend effectively eliminates fake and enables only authentic feedback provided by travelers who used certain travel-related product.

Smart contracts automate and secure the process, while tokenization offers rewards to users for their genuine contributions, encouraging quality feedback and active participation. This system makes it more difficult for businesses to manipulate reviews. On the other hand it encourages customers, giving them ownership of their data and contributions.

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Leveraging Web3 technologies to reshape travel reviews

Trusted reviews

🚫 Problem: Reviews are a key driver for travel planning and decision-making. However, for both travelers and businesses, unreliable reviews and, increasingly, the problem of fake reviews are becoming a concern.

βœ… Solution with Triend: Triend increases the credibility and trustworthiness of feedback by implementing a blockchain-based protocol that directly links reviews to verified transactions. This significantly reduces the possibility of fake reviews, as only genuine customers can submit reviews.

Decentralized system

🚫 Problem: Centralized platforms such as Booking.com have the power to manipulate by selectively displaying reviews. This centralized control can undermine the trustworthiness of reviews.

βœ… Solution with Triend: Triend's decentralized review system shifts the ownership of reviews back to the users. Leveraging blockchain technology ensures that reviews are transparent and immune to manipulation by any centralized authority, increasing trust and authenticity.

Rewarded participation

🚫 Problem: Most customers don't write reviews. This lack of participation can result in a skewed representation of customer experiences dominated by extreme positive or negative feedback.

βœ… Solution with Triend: To encourage broader participation, Triend implements a reward-driven mechanism. By receiving Triend tokens and NFTs when giving feedback linked to special perks and rewards, Triend aims to motivate a larger segment of users to share their honest feedback.

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The B2B2C platform bridging businesses
and consumers with transparency and trust

Travel companies

Triend offers travel companies a way to collect authentic feedback and combat the growing problem of fake reviews. They'll be able to showcase genuine customer experiences and meet the expectations of today's travelers who seek transparency and authenticity.


Consumers get a platform where they can trust the reviews they read and make more informed travel decisions. They'll also enjoy a more engaging review process, with incentives to provide valuable feedback and make their voices heard in a meaningful way.

How to integrate the plug-and-play technology

Widget integration

Travel companies integrate the customizable widget into their service platforms to enable review functionalities.

Service experience

Consumer uses or experiences the service.

Verification process

After or during the service, consumers submit reviews through the widget, using either a digital token or geolocation for verification.

Review display

Verified reviews are published on the company's platform with a badge of authenticity. At the same time, these reviews are securely recorded on blockchain, ensuring their permanence and tamper-proof quality.

Reward issuance

Consumers receive digital rewards, such as NFTs, or even rewards, such as a free drink for verified reviews.

Analytics dashboard

Businesses can access the Triend admin console to analyze verified reviews, gaining valuable insights into customer satisfaction and service quality.

Layers of Trust

Triend's mission is to build as many layers of trust into the review verification process as possible. Including:

Wallet verified

Associates reviews with a verified digital wallet, further ensuring reviewer authenticity.

Device at location

Confirms the user's physical presence at the review location, increasing review authenticity.

Location media match

Validates that media content (photos/videos) matches the review location, adding credibility.

Proof of humanity

Ensures reviews are generated by real people, not bots, increasing reliability.

Immutable review

Reviews are permanently recorded on the blockchain, making them tamper-proof and trustworthy.

Blockchain token matching

Each review is linked to a unique blockchain token, guaranteeing the review's authenticity and transaction history.
Matthew Hairsnape

"At Triend, we are driven by a bold vision to redefine the review industry. Historically, this industry has experienced huge trust problems with centralization, controlled narratives, and a heavy emphasis on advertisement, leading to a significant trust deficit.

Our mission is to revolutionise this space by providing tools that restore trust in reviews, valuing both customers and businesses equally. From collecting verified insights to empowering individuals to own their voices and ensuring access to high-quality, actionable data, we recognize the urgent need for tools to access a new travel review economy.”

Matthew Hairsnape

CEO Triend – Linkedin

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