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Camino Network News - Phocuswire02

Travel tech provider Triend sets new standard for web3 reviews on Camino Network

UK based web3 company, Triend, implements a new standard for travel reviews on the consortium Camino blockchain facilitated by Chain4Travel. This new development will enable more transparent and secure reviews, addressing some of the major problems presented by current review systems.

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Camino Network News - Phocuswire02

Chain4Travel hits target for €5.2m private pre-sale of Camino crypto tokens

More than 300 companies and private investors from Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia participated in the sale

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Camino Network News - Skift

Swiss Travel Startup Chain4Travel Raises $4.5 Million for Blockchain

Chain4Travel raised money to promote blockchain-based travel sales, but the track record of success is short and the technology's comparative advantage over what travel agencies use now remains to be proven.

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Camino Network News - Phocuswire02

STARTUP STAGE: Chain4Travel prepares to launch blockchain run by travel industry

Founded by Peakwork CEO Ralf Usbeck, Chain4Travel is the facilitator of the Camino consortium blockchain and has more than 50 supporters from the travel industry. Travel companies can join the presale of the Camino token until Sept. 23. Down the road, Camino will be operated and managed by travel industry partners. To enable this decentralized approach, Chain4Travel AG will transfer the entire intellectual property rights as well as the financial reserves to a dedicated foundation.

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Camino Network News - Phocuswire01

Chain4Travel lands £3.6M in funding for blockchain platform

Chain4Travel has raised seed funding of £3.6 million for the development of its blockchain-based travel platform, known as Camino. The Switzerland-based business was launched by Ralf Usbeck, who previously founded TravelTainment and Peakwork, Thomas Stirnimann, former CEO of Hotelplan, and Pablo Castillo, former CIO of Hotelplan.

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