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Camino Network

Validators of Camino Network gathered at Travel Un'chained
November 30, 2023

Travel Un’chained 2023, an annual event organized by Chain4Travel, the facilitator of Camino Network, has once again bridged the gap between travel professionals and blockchain technologies available to them to enhance their existing travel businesses.

Chain4Travel mentions a significant turnout with over 230 attendees from 160 companies, including 58 out of 90+ validators from Camino Network, making it the largest in-person validator meeting so far.

Validators as the pillars of Camino Network

The event was significant for all companies validating the network and building the first use cases for several reasons and for potential new community members. But for a unique opportunity for in-person meetings, discussions, and collaborative planning for future developments on various levels, active validators shared insights and best practices with companies only considering launching their nodes and joining the network.

Inspiring news for companies lacking the technical background to run their nodes but willing to join Camino Network was delivered by Pablo Castillo, CTO of Chain4Travel. Google Cloud accepted Camino Node and is officially available in the Google marketplace, which is a massive step towards a streamlined node setup process (Setup Document).

Builders and use cases: innovating travel with blockchain

Just a year ago at Travel Un’chained 2022, the idea of the first layer 1 blockchain tailored for the needs of the travel industry was announced. Fast forward to this year, the vision of a shared web3 travel ecosystem materialized with Camino Netowork being fully operational with a constantly increasing number of companies actively building and innovating on it. This progression underscores the fact that the industry is ready to learn and adapt businesses to the new, more efficient, and streamlined reality of the web3 era.

Today, innovative travel companies have taken the lead, showcasing their groundbreaking use cases built on Camino Network. They are shaping the industry's future via adaptation both on the technological level to blockchain and smart contracts and on the cultural level – to shared infrastructure, collaborative environment, and transparency.

Below is a list of forward-thinking companies developing the first use cases on Camino Network. We strongly recommend closely looking at them and considering opportunities for collaboration and support.

Moreover, Sleap.io presented a fascinating POV on the future of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), leveraging Blockchain and AI to enable personalized offers at scale. Their hotel booking platform is up and running. Feel free to test, book, and provide your feedback to Michael Ros.

Camino Messenger

After the successful launch of the mainnet, it was crucial to develop an application that would visualize the potential of Camino Network and help executives from travel and travel tech companies from all domains to see and understand the value proposition and the vision of blockchain. Such an application became Camino Messenger, unveiled at Travel Un’chained 2023.

In essence, it is a fast and cheap transporter of well-structured and packaged data, which circulates within the network of all touristic services connected to Camino Network via a single set of APIs and with a unified set of credentials, enabling communication between all providers through a single language and facilitating seamless automated payments. The messenger is secured with encryption and provides opportunities for unique ways to monetize responses, which makes it a game-changing tool in the industry that will open new business models for companies.

Thanks to the positive feedback from the community, the proof of concept is now being developed into an MVP stage to start testing the connectivity with the first companies connected to Camino Network to get more insights and refine all the features and technical stack of the product roadmap.

The future of Camino Network

The future trajectory of the network was also discussed at the event. Thomas Stirmann, the Chairman of the Council, announced the following plans:

Events like Travel Un’chained are designed to be catalysts for networking and growth of community activities, leading to new synergies and, as a result, innovative use cases. Furthermore, it served as a reminder to all the 90+ validators to activate their nodes and immerse deeply within the web3 travel community, especially now, when Camino Network has the live network running, first use cases being built, a solid technical documentation foundation, and a team of developers to help with orientation in this new digital reality.

Join the network today to shape the travel technologies of tomorrow.

An ecosystem for all
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Camino is the travel industry blockchain. Fueled by the Camino token, it is offering a versatile network to expand current business models and to create new touristic products to delight travelers and business partners.

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