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Validators, the drivers of change

Validators secure and govern the Camino Network

Validator network

Shaping the new world of travel

Validators of Camino are key industry players who share the vision of a decentralized travel industry; therefore, validators see the transaction income as compensation for operating the node, not as a profit center. Each validator has an equal voice in the governance of the Camino Network, the distribution of development incentives, and the usage of the Camino foundation’s token reserves.

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glas/travelcard - Camino Network

Validator node set-up made easy

Few requirements, low entry barriers

  • Stake of 100,000 CAMs
  • KYB verification
  • Admittance as a validator by the validator consortia via a vote

Easy set-up, low node maintenance

  • Set up takes only 1-2 hours
  • Camino is a lightweight protocol which let nodes run on commodity hardware.
Glascubes with icons - Camino Network

Get behind the steering wheel and make the rules

Validators have a vote on:
  • Transaction fees
  • Transaction fee distribution
  • DApp incentive pool
  • New validators

One validator, one vote

→ Proof-of-Stake and Authority (PoSA)

How decisions are made in a decentralized network is determined by the consensus protocol. On Camino, this consensus mechanism is extremely fast, secure, and energy-efficient and ensures basis-democratic decisions.

Secure the travel industry

Camino is growing everyday and so do the applications built on it. Be part of securing the network.

No fear of slashing

Unlike other layer one blockchains, we do not make use of slashing. Your stake is safe with us.

Low hardware requirements

We ensure low entry barriers as no high-tech equipment is necessary for operating a node.

glas/rewards - Camino Network

Democratic network

On Camino, everyone is equal. It is not the stake in the network that determines how many transactions are assigned to one or how much voting power they have. On the contrary, everyone has contributed the same stake of 100,000 CAM. Moreover, the validators' share of the transaction fees is granted to each validator in proportion to their respective validation uptime. We believe in this fair and inclusive mechanism and invite larger and smaller companies to join the network.

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Get involved & secure the network

Camino's validators are key industry players who share the vision of a decentralized travel industry and contribute to the security of the network. Get behind the steering wheel and change the travel industry of tomorrow.

Camino is the travel industry blockchain. Fueled by the Camino token, it is offering a versatile network to expand current business models and to create new touristic products to delight travelers and business partners.