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Camino Network

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Becoming a validator in Camino Network means being at the forefront of the travel industry's technological evolution.

Trusted by 170+ industry leaders
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Unlock growth with validation benefits
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Validators can earn rewards in the form of tokens for contributing to the network's security and consensus mechanisms.

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Validators play a critical role in the governance of the network and overall project by means of submitting proposals and voting for or against them.

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Technical expertise

Validators have the opportunity to gain new technical skills and expertise, which can help them adopt new technical solutions to benefit the businesses.

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Network building

Validators can work together to improve the network's infrastructure and security, which can lead to valuable connections and bonds.

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Validators are responsible for ensuring the integrity and security of the network, which can lead to increased trust in the whole industry.

Requirements for becoming a validator
  • Travel-related business
  • A bond of 100 000 CAM
  • Know-Your-Business verification
  • Admittance by the Camino Network consortium
Become a Validator

Seize the chance to boost the business, reputation, and visibility by becoming a validator of Camino Network. Schedule a call, receive the instructions, and start validating the network.

“Chain4Travel will break up today’s strongly centralized processes in tourism IT...”

Markus Kretschmer Managing Director ISO Travel Solutions GmbH
Read more

"Chain4Travel will break up today’s strongly centralized processes in tourism IT. Instead of a few dominating expensive (and sometimes outdated and inflexible) middlemen, the new C4T will enable direct and cheap peer-to-peer transactions for the benefit of all involved partners. It is a must for ISO to participate and engage in this ground-breaking new approach, both as a validator and as an application provider for airlines and tourism companies."

Markus Kretschmer
Managing Director ISO Travel Solutions GmbH

“Blockchains will revolutionize travel without any doubt...”

Andre Kiwitz CEO Ventura Travel
Read more

"Blockchains will revolutionize travel without any doubt. We believe in the Camino blockchain and the team behind it. The use cases that Chain4Travel is bringing to the travel industry are extremely diverse, and touristic players from all specializations can benefit from it. At Ventura Travel, we have identified several use cases which will be implemented!"

Andre Kiwitz
CEO Ventura Travel

“Once you understand how blockchain works and the new possibilities...”

Ingo Burmester CEO DER Touristik Central Europe
Read more

"Once you understand how blockchain works and the new possibilities it offers in IT, production and sales, you will be thrilled. I am already looking forward to the first concrete implementations in our company."

Ingo Burmester
CEO DER Touristik Central Europe

“From the moment we learned about Camino and the way blockchain technology can be...”

Eric van der Hout CEO Netmatch BV
Read more

"From the moment we learned about Camino and the way blockchain technology can be used to empower the travel community, Netmatch directly started to rethink the status quo. Camino will change the way business is done. We are now implementing the first use cases for our preferred clients to accelerate their growth. C4T is our valued partner, strong supporter and source of inspiration."

Eric van der Hout
CEO Netmatch BV
An ecosystem for all
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Camino is the travel industry blockchain. Fueled by the Camino token, it is offering a versatile network to expand current business models and to create new touristic products to delight travelers and business partners.

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