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Camino Network

Results of Hexens' Security Audit on Camino Network
August 21, 2023

Study the comprehensive audit report from Hexens that underscores Camino Network's commitment to the security of the web3 travel ecosystem.

From the very first days of Camino Network development, the security of data and the network itself has been the top priority. This commitment led to finding a reliable, trustworthy partner for code auditing, vulnerability reporting, recommendations, and long-term collaboration. That partner is Hexens io.

Hexens is a company with huge experience in cybersecurity, having provided audit reports to big names like Polygon Labs, Lido, Celo, and many others. Their reputation and results made them the ideal choice for Camino Network.

Camino Network: Security Report

The audit report provided to Camino Network Foundation identified nine minor issues, all of which were promptly addressed and fixed to sustain the integrity of the network. The absence of major concerns in the report clearly showcases that from day one, the top priority was rooted in high-quality coding practices and top-notch development.

You can find the full audition report here

Now it is a strategic partnership that continues to evolve. By making the decision to become validators of Camino Network, Hexens is actively contributing to the ongoing security of the network. This role allows them to have a direct impact on the life of the ecosystem and community, ensuring that security remains a top priority.

Ways to secure the Web3 Travel Ecosystem

Understanding that security is an ongoing process, therefore Camino Network and Hexens have designed a bug bounty program, inviting white-hat hackers to test the network and report any bugs. This program, available at Remedy, is a statement to the Camino Network community that the security of the blockchain and all digital assets is the top priority. The rewards for bug found speak for themselves.

With a live mainnet of the first layer-one blockchain designed for the industry, and support from over 150 companies from Web3, travel, and travel tech, Camino Network is shaping the future of travel. Some of these companies are already building web3 products.

Another layer of security to Camino Network is a KYC/KYB process. This process ensures that only verified entities can engage with the network, restricting malicious users. You can read more about the business verification process in the KYB article. Furthermore, smart contracts in Camino Network can only be deployed from a verified wallet. The Camino Network Foundation and the Consortium even have the authority to suspend malicious smart contracts or validators by community vote, adding an additional layer of oversight and protection.

Join The Community

Now it is your move. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, today is the perfect time to learn web3 and explore how this technology can be applied to existing business models and leveraged to absolutely new ones. The best way to embark on this exciting journey is through a community of like-minded individuals. Camino Network is such a place — a safe hub where you can learn, build, find new partners, and contribute to the future of travel.

We invite you to explore the documentation and the recently published security report by Hexens. Feel free to share your insights and join the community taking your first step towards a secure, innovative, and efficient travel network.

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