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Beyond Bookings

Beyond Bookings supports hotels in meeting the ever-increasing expectations of their guests in the areas of e-mobility, sustainability and digitalisation, just to name a few. With BEBO CONVERT, we also offer hotels a clever solution to reduce vacancies, increase turnover and improve their own liquidity.

Hospitality Distribution E-Mobility

Get to know Beyond Bookings as a trend companion and hotel supporter. Beyond Bookings offers hotels two fascinating topics: "BEBO CONVERT" - your partner to monetize your unsold hotel rooms! In Germany alone, more than 50 million unsold hotel rooms are vacant every year. Not only is this a loss of revenue, empty rooms also cost money. With Beyond Bookings, hotels have the opportunity to convert their vacancies into their personal currency and thus increase their own liquidity. In addition, new guests will increase their occupancy and thus enable additional in-house turnover. **BEBO CONVERT** promises higher liquidity, lower costs, increased occupancy and more turnover. From hoteliers for hoteliers | bebo convert - Make clever use of your vacancy! **"BEBO MOBILITY"** - your partner for e-mobility! Soft tourism and sustainable mobility offers are becoming more and more important when choosing a hotel. With the right e-mobility concept you create higher guest satisfaction, additional revenue, a stronger image and more sustainability. From hoteliers for hoteliers | Micromobility turns the hotel and the region into a resort for our guests!

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