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Offering seamless to consumer , risk free Crypto payment processing , setting to Merchants in Fiat or coin of choice.


CurPay is a technology company that wants to bring more acceptance of Cryptocurrency and other digital assets to everyday people and businesses. The core technology, Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is based on their in-house AI decision software that makes smart conversions between Cryptocurrencies and FIAT, giving users more control,automation, and protection over their crypto assets. AVP is used in 2 of CurPay's products: CurPay Merchant bridges the gaps between traditional and Crypto payments leveraging the use of AVP to reduce the fear of Volatility and gain an extra 2 to 6% profit over the standard direct to FIAT conversion offered in the industry. Seamless to Consumers, No Risk to Merchants, Accept and Manage Digital/Crypto payments with our all-in-one solution via POS, ECommerce and Web3 compatible APIs CurPay Trader is a non-custodial trading assistant that makes Crypto Trading easy, removing the fear of volatility and adding 22 more settings than standard exchanges. It keeps assets safe by monitoring jumps or drops in asset value using CurPay's AVP. It not only protects 24/7 but takes advantage of volatility in the market to make a profit.

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United States of America
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Chris Curtin

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