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Loyyal Technologies

Loyyal is the first company to come out with a product built on blockchain for the Loyalty Industry. Loyyal blockchain infrastructure solves the partner onboarding and partner management for Loyalty Programs.

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Enhancing customer engagement beyond the essential offerings has become increasingly vital for all loyalty programs. In the Middle East, there's a notable trend of integrating payments and loyalty, enabling programs to provide members with opportunities to earn and redeem rewards through their everyday lifestyle expenditures. This not only fosters additional engagement among members but also generates supplementary revenue for programs, supported by contributions from merchants. Furthermore, loyalty programs are exploring the utilization of blockchain technology to introduce innovative models based on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and tokens, marking a progressive shift in their approach. Loyyal addresses the above need through Access Point, that is a self service, plug and play platform to manage and onboard partners where the merchants find the program and not the other way around. Loyyal also provides BaaS based services like SMART Contracting and Multi Currency Wallets.

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United Arab Emirates
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Gunjan Kumar
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Camino is the travel industry blockchain. Fueled by the Camino token, it is offering a versatile network to expand current business models and to create new touristic products to delight travelers and business partners.

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