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LZero Analytics

LZero is an enterprise-grade, modular, cloud-based platform that allows anyone to launch highly configurable, private testnets

Software Development


Today public testnets are the go-to solution for application development. BUT in their current form, public testnets are a substantial bottleneck to the development of the web3 ecosystem due to several key issues. They are not sufficient or complete as development & testing infrastructure. Public testnets often lack accurate or relevant mainnet data, have limited token supply, fragmented tooling, no privacy, and often get deprecated. And even then, it’s a massively expensive overhead for the core developers of public blockchain (e.g. Ethereum's Holesky needing 50 contributors and 10 months of work with $100k+ monthly running costs). These issues are more prominent for institutions & regulated entities that cannot compromise on privacy, cannot risk leaking IP, and even need to ensure the resilience of the underlying blockchain at all times.

LZero offers the first testnets-as-a-service platform for blockchains, dApps and institutions. We’re building an enterprise-grade, modular, cloud-based platform that allows anyone to launch highly configurable, private testnets. LZero's management control plane can simulate realistic mainnet behaviours and critical risk management scenarios such as high congestion and network-level attacks. LZero’s cloud platform allows for scalability and intellectual property protection, while unlimited control over test tokens guarantees comprehensive testing of financial products for performance and security prior to launch.

We will integrate the LZero platform with Camino Network Layer 1, including all network functionalities. Our platform will allow anyone to quickly set up and test arbitrary testnets under various configurations and network conditions. This simulation engine will be controlled by an intuitive UI that allows anyone to deploy or shut down testnets in a few clicks. Our cloud-based platform will allow these testnets to be deployed either on our cloud infrastructure, or any existing infrastructure that the client would like to use.

The first use case is for the internal Camino Network dev teams themselves for testing and development. We aim to work closely with the Camino team to ensure that the platform is always maintained and up to date. However, the real power of LZero lies in its ability to onboard dApps and enterprises that build on top of Camino Network and become the devOps tool of choice for the entire ecosystem.

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Anisha Goel
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Camino is the travel industry blockchain. Fueled by the Camino token, it is offering a versatile network to expand current business models and to create new touristic products to delight travelers and business partners.

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