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Mobile application for cabin crew and passengers.

Software Development


MOBIPAX now offer a revolutionary app on a Cloud based SaaS platform. The app has been designed, optimized and prioritized for Airlines and passengers for use via a mobile or tablet. Airlines can use their backend/mobile platforms without major investment. The app uses the AI standard IATA's NDC for pre-and-sales on board. The app extended the current NDC XML Schemas with full neutral product/product bundling capabilities. This is a revolutionary app as an airline only “Pays Per Flight”. The app for Crew improves flexibility, efficiency and control of boarding, planning for meal services, duty free, promotions, improved passenger interaction for feedback and surveys. The flexibility of the app will certainly give cost reductions. The App for passengers gives access to browse and book, flights, inflight meals, drinks, duty free goods, sales offers, flight info/updates. The pre-booking will give increased revenue streams in merchandising and the pre-booking will give a seamless passenger journey. The app is a win-win for both parties as airlines pay only per flight and passengers are able to pre-book all of their needs pre-flight.

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Sawitree Kaewsangjai
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