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SimpleVisa helps airlines serving their customers with border crossing information and electronic visas.

Travel Administration

Electronic visas (eVisas) and travel authorizations (eTAs) - collectively known as Electronic Entry Requirements (EERs) - are the fastest growing travel requirements globally. Today, 53 countries have introduced an EER. This includes many of the world's most visited countries such as: the USA, Thailand, Turkey, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Over the next year, this number will almost double as 41 more countries launch an EER, bringing the total number of countries with EERs to 94. This includes countries and regions such as: The EU & Schengen Area, South Korea, Japan, and Morocco. This new and rapidly evolving reality of international travel leaves many passengers unaware of additional travel documents they need, until they are denied boarding at the gate. SimpleVisa's integrations make it easy for Airlines, OTAs, and other travel providers to notify their customers of the required travel requirements and guide them through a friction-less application experience as an ancillary service.

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