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Twerenbold Travel

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Successful group tour operator with own river cruise ships and buses.

Transportation Hospitality


The Twerenbold Travel Group, based in Switzerland, represents an exquisite selection of travel specialists, distinguished by their individual expertise and commitment to sustainable travel. **Twerenbold Reisen**, a leading provider of bus tours, stands out not only for its high-quality tour buses and excellently planned routes that bring travellers closer to the beauties of Europe, but also for its endeavour to offer environmentally friendly travel options. **Reisebüro Mittelthurgau**, an expert in river travel, offers unforgettable experiences on the picturesque rivers of Europe on ships belonging to the Twerenbold Group's Excellence shipping line, always emphasizing ecological sustainability. These river travels are characterized by luxury, comfort, and eco-conscious itineraries. **Imbach**, specializing in hiking tours, promotes experiencing nature with minimal environmental impact. **Vögele Reisen**, known for its tailor-made group air travel, combines exploring distant destinations with an awareness of ecological responsibility. Overall, the Twerenbold Travel Group embodies Swiss commitment to quality, attention to detail, diverse travel desires, and especially to sustainable travel.

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