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Upstaff helps software service companies, startups and ISVs to engage qualified software engineers.

Consulting Data Insights Software Development

Upstaff's mission is to make software engineering team staffing and operation as reliable and easy as an Amazon purchase or an Uber ride. We created Upstaff because we strongly believe that successful organizations of the future will be based on the following principles: - Flexible workforce - Distributed or hybrid teams - Existing services and ecosystems - Lean/agile production - Data engineering, ML, and AI tools usage - Flexible workforce - project-based or temporary functional teams augmenting the organization's core teams, helping to deal with workload variations, skill gaps, projects and achieve business objectives. High-performing distributed (or hybrid) teams are formed of individuals aligned by vision and common goals. Utilizing ecosystems of partners, contractors, and vendors empowers new initiatives leveraging existing assets and developments, saving lots of time and budgets for creating unique value. Lean and agile methodologies ensure accelerated time to market. Data Engineering, AI/ML penetrates all decision-making and other business processes, boosting organizations performance.

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United Kingdom
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Bohdan Kashka

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